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Use a Password Vault if you value your Data.

Do you use simple passwords? Do you reuse password across websites and services? If you do you are at great risk of your online accounts being hacked and breached. It's only a matter of time. There is an increasing frequency and severity of attacks on vulnerable systems to gain access to very sensitive user information. Every day some website or online service gets exposed to attacks and because they are not up to date on their security efforts, they get hacked. What are hackers after? User IDs, passwords, personal information, credit cards, etc, information they can use to compromise your other accounts and even steal your identity.

You can safely check if your email as a user ID has been compromised in a data breach here:

You can do your part to protect and strengthen your information and access to online services by using strong and unique user IDs and passwords for every service you use. How do you keep and manage User IDs and passwords? With a Password Vault, of course. A password vault is a software service available as a subscription, that hosts a database of your website addresses, sign-ins and a lot of other information. These software services work by using the web and apps that are available for all devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets. The database is strongly encrypted and automatically syncs across multiple devices with the same account. This apps can generate and keep strong passwords for you. Nothing to remember except a single password you need to access the vault in the app.

Recommended password vault services:


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